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The EU's new personal data regulation, which is called the GDPR, entered into force on 25 May 2018. The EU has decided to tighten the requirements for how companies use and process personal information. When you make an application to Lauritzen Fonden, you will, before you submit the application, confirm that you agree with the rules of the new Personal Data Regulation.

Lauritzen Fonden carries out both commercial and charitable activities. Amongst other things the Foundation supports social and humanitarian projects both in Denmark, shipping, entrepreneurship, education and culture – including the annual Lauritzen Award. Educational grants to individuals are assigned to children of employees in the Lauritzen Group.

If after touring our website you believe your application is within the Foundation’s target group, please send in your application online. Lauritzen Fonden only accepts applications that are submitted online through our application system.

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Lauritzen Fonden reports all grants to The Danish Tax Authorities (SKAT). In some instances student grants are tax exempt, if in doubt please contact SKAT.


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